Friday, September 16, 2016

8 months later...

Wow! I am a slacker. Ok, maybe not. Life got crazy busy from the last post. So much has changed since Christmas of 2015.

For starters, we bought a house! Our plan for the entirety of 2016 was to buy a house. We started casually looking in January just to get an idea of what was available to us. We really liked where we were living. We tried talking to the company that owned the house that we were renting to see if they would sell it to us. We never heard back from them so we took that as God was closing the door on us staying in that house. While we were looking we found one that we thought we liked so we started the loan process. Oh, the loan process. For normal people it can be pretty painless. Then there are military people who have the VA loan. We knew nothing about the VA loan and the process so I reached out to a friend. He helped us tremendously. We were working with him and continuing to look at houses online. We found one online that both Jon and I liked so we contacted a real estate agent and scheduled a tour. So on a rainy Friday morning in January, we went to look at a house. Oh I guess that I should mention that about 15 minutes into seeing the house Jon had to leave to get on an airplane. I fell in love with this house and immediately left it to go put in an offer. By 3 pm that afternoon, we had an answer on our offer and a contract on the house. When God really wants something to happen, He will make it happen even if it makes your head spin in the process. I couldn't have been happier to know that by the first of March we would be in OUR home. During all of this home buying stuff Jon was gone for quite a bit of it. I love that he trusts me enough to let me handle everything.

Then came the curveball.

Near Valentine's Day, I came down with 2 types of the flu. I know, when I get sick I do it big. Shortly thereafter Jack got sick and thus began a very long 3 weeks. We thought that Jack just had a touch of the stomach bug and would be back to normal very soon. Almost a week went by and he wasn't getting better, he was getting worse. So, due to his diabetes, we ended up in the ER. From the ER we were admitted. For 10 days, I watched doctors and nurses poke at him and then tell me that he wasn't presenting with anything. They couldn't tell me what was wrong and they couldn't tell me how to make him better. Jon is not a good hospital sitter so I made him go to work. While I was at the hospital I was trying to work too. I came to the realization during this time that I needed to focus on the main job that I had been given - Mom. God had given me such a peace about this decision. Never in all of my imagination did I ever think that I would be a stay at home mom but here I am. We never found out what the cause of the illness was. We closed on our house and began to move into a new chapter of life.

Jack missed 3 weeks of school due to this illness and still ended up on AB Honor roll. We got moved into our new house. I was finishing up at a place that I loved working at for 9 years. Life was changing but we were all at peace with the coming changes.

It has been different being at home with a child at school. Sometimes I feel like I am not being useful. Sometimes I feel like nothing gets done. Sometimes I feel like I am more tired than before I stopped working. When I begin to question everything that is happening, when I feel like a failure, I talk to Jack and see and hear how happy he is with me being home and it makes it all worth it.

Life is very unpredictable but God's plan is sovereign and it is good.

For now.